Accord Construction, Inc.


Buena Vista Deck
  • Accord Construction, Inc. provides professional technical services for commercial and residential properties.
  • We specialize in Structural Concrete, Masonry and General Engineering.
  • Our priority in every project is the total satisfaction of our customers.
  • We bring safety, speed and high quality of work to every project.
  • We have access to high quality craftsmen in all disciplines.

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“They are really excellent guys. We did a couple million dollars of work with them and are very happy with their work.”
- Andre, Andre Development, Inc.
“They are very diligent, bright, hard working, responsible, and Accord Construction crews are very efficient.”
- Stuart Ahn, Sunnyland Development, Inc.
“They are knowledgeable people, they understand the content and scope of the work, their prices are reasonable and they are on time 90% of the time.”
- Isaac Vartanian, Vartanian Enterprise, Inc.

Bently Columns and Bracing

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